Exit strategy

A commonly neglected aspect of end-to-end business planning and market mapping is getting in place an exit strategy. Such a crucial juncture requires just as much research, analysis and evaluation as a market entry strategy. In light of recent events, with the Covid-19 pandemic, bans on products of certain countries in certain others, the Russia-Ukraine war and consequent developments, countless organisations have gone out of business.

Another exigency-like development for businesses has been the acquisition of one firm by another, or amalgamations in several industries. Mergers & acquisitions have been a common phenomenon for the better part of the business industry’s timeline, and more have surfaced of late. Financial impact, evaluation and feasibility need to be measured from each party’s standpoint. If you are a buyer, would the purchase be a winning or loss-making proposition for you? If your entity is being acquired, where does this put you in the scheme of things and how should you best showcase the value you bring to the market?

Our experience from serving across functions and firms of distinct scales equips us with the tools and expertise to help you navigate such eventualities in an optimal and directed manner.